Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tree Planting in Donegal

Twelve enthusiastic, earnest (Ayudhian & Otherwise) tree planters met up on a beautiful January Saturday morning, in the hills of Clonmany, Co Donegal. One hundred and twenty saplings had been gathered for the event. Amma advises that everyone plant 18 saplings a year, we've got ten each so far, so we'll have to get another morning in before March!

The ground we planted is very wet, so advice was sought on the trees that would thrive best in these kinds of conditions. So we had Alder, Birch, Rowan, Willow and Scots Pine. We wanted to plant trees that would provide a home for all sorts of wildlife and provide food for birds. Willow is the second best for wildlife it seems, and the birds just love the rowan pomes. We also had fast growing Scots Pine to provide some sort of shelter to give the other trees a little chance to catch up (it can get very windy in these parts sometimes!)

A great morning's fun was had outside in the fresh air. Everyone had time to connect with the earth and look around at the beautiful hills we know so well, ever changing in the snowy morning light.

So, with Amma's grace, these trees will grow strong and tall. We'll keep an eye on them.

Thanks to Gemma, Gregory, Aidan, Mike, Ronan, Mary, Bernie, Peter, Simone, Emma, David, Declan
Good job team!

Contact: to participate and have fun.